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Thank you for stopping by, you have reached the home of Program O AI Chatbot. The friendly little AIML AI Chatbot written in PHP with MySQL.

Latest News

V3 Coming Soon

The version 3 is well on its way. Its fully AIML2.0 compliant, a resource rich, easy to extend AI chatbot with emotions who can interact with third party apis. You can demo him here.

The Forum Is Back

We have listened to the community and you missed our friendly forum. So we have brought it back. :D Please pop over and say hello. Visit The Forum


You can download your own version of Program O AI Chatbot at GitHub.

Bug Reports

Please send report all bug issues on GitHub.


Visit the forum and have a cup of coffee with the us!


There is also a WordPress Chatbot plugin to enable you to communicate with your chatbot on your blog


Documentation and an installation guide can be found over at GitHub.


Got stuck? Need help integrating or extending your project, ask a question on Stack Overflow Stack Overflow.

Experiment with the v2 API

Have a play with the v2 AI Chatbot API.

ChatMundo Twitter Bot

Or you can play with @ChatMundo the twitter chatbot.