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API Status

The API has been up but experiencing intermittent issues
since Wednesday 26th of December 2018 01:00:01.
Last checked on Wednesday 26th of December 2018 10:50:24.

API v2

If you want to use the v2 API then all you have to do is make a request to the following endpoint:

A note about v2.3.1

The API naming convention has been altered to a more generic v2 name. The exact version can be found the in the response XML. If you are using the v2.3.1 endpoint this will still work. It has been changed as the actual version in the endpoint URL does not acurately represent the version used, as it's constantly updated as fixes are released.


The API requires the following parameters:

Param Type Description
bot_id integer The id of the chatbot you wish to connect to. A list of available bot id's can be found below.
say text (255) The input from the user e.g. hello how are you?
convo_id text (128) A unique conversation id. Generated client side so you can keep track on the conversation.
format enum[xml|json] Select either xml or json as the return type from the api.

Available Bots

You can talk to the following bots:

Bot ID Name Description
6 Program O AI Chatbot The original chatbot
10 ShakespeareBot Talk to William Shakespeare!
12 Chatmundo Talk to the twitterbot!
15 Elizaibeth Talk to me!

Example Usage

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