Version 2 Patch Notes/Commit Log

While Program O version 2 is "winding down", and version 3 is nearing release, we're still going to be supporting the current incarnation of the project for a while, with bug and security fixes, and minor improvements to the current feature set. As such, I've decided to post here any updates to version 2, along with brief descriptions of the changes made. Below is the first of such announcements:

Multiple changes and fixes

1.) Found and fixed a bug in the function that searches the DB for potential AIML matches where if nothing was located in the DB the resulting response array failed to add a template index, thus causing errors during response processing.
2.) Refactored many of the SQL queries to use prepared statements instead of embedded variables.
3.) Made minor changes to the CSS file for the install help page.
4.) Moved the "fresh start" checkbox from the checklist page to the configuration page.
5.) Removed the now unnecessary alert messages for mbstring and zip extensions that were replaced with the checklist.
6.) Fixed some typos in the config file template.

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