Program O v3

I'm beginning a new project focusing on expressive customized chatbots, and Program O is at the top of my list of places to start. It looks like v3 is around the corner, though, so I'm wondering if I should wait until it's out to really dive in deep. Any idea when it will be ready?


  • Hi there,
    Thank you so much for your message.
    There will be a hosted version of program o v3 available in the next few weeks.
    We are aiming to use this to iron out the final bugs before we release to git hub at christmas.
    I hope that helps

  • So christmas is over now - and v3 is still not released? When will you finally release it?
  • Very interested in this

  • I too am also waiting for V3 to be released with extreme interest. I want to play around with AIML.

  • Hello some news for Summer 3.0 tie later this month? I am looking forward to starting a new project already with the new version, I would also like to know what you think of creating in this version a database api that uses firebase would be perfect since sql is very slow and firebase is ideal and a fast and robust and scalable database would be perfect for creating chatbots apps with the program-o, I'm looking forward to the brilliant work I've done since the beginning.

  • Are there any news about V3?

  • I think, this year christmas will be released. :joy:

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